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Welcome to Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette!

At birth, each of us has equal chances for personal development. As we grow, we learn and improve in order to use our potential and become successful at what we do. Step by step we build relationships with people we meet in life. At some point we come to realise that although in many ways all humans are similar, there is something inevitably unique about every single one of us. We call this thing ‘individuality’. Individuality is what makes one stand out from the crowd in both personal life and business. However, it is not true that a natural talent by itself defines a high-flier. It is always about the combination of our inborn traits, the effort we put into multiplying our virtues and working out our weaknesses but also the ability to come to an understanding with other people – demonstration of social skills.

Etiquette is not a subject to learn - it is the art of understanding people and a tool to apply in your everyday living. It transforms your inner self, your attitude to others and your manner of behaviour. Once you start paying attention to it, you will never be the same. You will see how your surroundings change as well. We bet it is worth trying!


At the LSCE we speak about Etiquette as a handy and reliable tool for developing your personality. It is not only the money that divides the cake. It is your attitude and manners that differentiate you from the rest in the room. ​

We have designed several educational programmes and offer high quality services in the area of Contemporary Etiquette Studies to everyone. Our team of experts is at your disposal to accompany you in your journey.

Our clients are:

  • young and ambitious professionals ready for personal transformation on their way in the world of business

  • experienced corporate officers who have already climbed the ladder of a successful career and need some refinement to make the next step

  • ladies who want to add some femininity and style to their image

  • families with or without children who would like to spend a pleasant time getting additional knowledge on table manners, wine etiquette, enogastronomy and everyday courtesy

  • teenagers who have hundreds of questions about themselves and the world whom we help to find the right answers and to build proper relationships with the universe.


The list of the products which we have outlined for you is not closed. We are planning to add new courses and topics and hope we will be able to help you in transferring your personal and professional life to a higher level.

We offer workshops, corporate trainings and individual consultation. We have developed our programmes to meet your specific requirements. When you feel ready to start, just contact us by telephone, via the website, Facebook or by email. We are here for you!

Ready for personal transformation - invest in yourself!

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