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Trainers of the course: 

          Angelica Domas           Virginie Lemay-Vriesde      Florence Lemeer-Wintgens
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Duration - 8 hours (four workshops)
The course is created for those searching for femininity in the modern world of equality. It's about the role of good manners for building relationships with the right people in your social and professional life. 

Etiquette for Ladies is our transformational course. Upon completion, you will never be the same. Your inner self will balance with your overall appeal in a great combination of grace and elegance. You will feel yourself confident in any life situation. Acquired skills will complete your image of a beautiful and intelligent person of pleasure and respect. You will possess skills necessary to build relationships with the right people in your life. Everybody in your society will admit that communication with you is easy and comfortable in any setting.

We have included four workshops into the Programme of the course. 

Course overview:

Workshop 1

Introduction: Contemporary Etiquette

  1. Good Manners in everyday life

  2. Greetings, Introduction, Networking

  3. Non-verbal communication - body language: poses, poise, gestures, etc.

  4. Good conversationalist tips

  5. Art of Verbal communication: Small talk, compliments, saying “no”

  6. Netiquette

  7. Etiquette in public places: shop, restaurant, theatre, transport, hotel and more

  8. Role play: Cases


Workshop 2

Communication competence in professional surrounding

  1. Effective communications techniques

  2. Etiquette of Negotiations

  3. Public Speaking, Interview

  4. Answering uncomfortable Qs

  5. Behavior in a conflict situation

  6. Role Play: Cases


Workshop 3

Making your Magnetic Image

  1. Your look and first impression

  2. Types of Dress codes

  3. Personal Grooming

  4. Accessories 

  5. Role play: Image check

Workshop 4

Table Manners

  1. Types of Receptions: Formal, Informal, Home

  2. Hosting a party: dates, guest list, invitations

  3. Guest seating arrangements, Couverts, napkins, plates, utensils, cups

  4. Eating tips: European and American styles.

  5. Communication with a waiter, tips

  6. Small Talk and toasts

  7. Practical Part: Dinner at a Restaurant

If you have any questions, please, contact us directly. We will be happy to assist. 


Your investment for a Four Day Etiquette for Ladies course is 549 euro + VAT.

A Dinner + drinks at a restaurant are offered on Day 4 to each participant.

Dress code for the first three days – Smart casual.

Dress code of Day 4 – Cocktail.


Upon completion of the Full course, you will be granted a personalized LSCE Certificate of Completion.


To register for the course, please, send us an email at


We will be happy to meet you at our events.


Ready for transformation – invest in yourself!

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