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Sunday Brunch Format
Duration - 7,5 hours (3 workshops)
When - On Sundays, 11.30 - 14.00
Location - Aleo restaurant, 37 Rue de Beggen  
Language - English 
*French translation is available for your children upon request
The workshop is aimed to promote family values and share skills necessary for children as well as for parents in a nice & relaxing atmosphere of a Sunday Brunch. You will definitely love it!
We are honored to invite you to our Etiquette for Family course “Joie de Vivre: Happiness in the Moment!” which we developed specifically for children and their parents.


What are family values? Traditions, relationships between parents and children based on love and respect, passing on the experience of senior generation to young ones – these are components of a happy family. Sitting around the table, we can suddenly feel that we are absolutely happy right now. The dining table is not a board to carry food. It is a place where people share ideas, make jokes, fall in love and make business. A dinner for a special occasion or simply for no reason is not a quick snack or a meal to satisfy the hunger. The Dinner party is a real art, it is the meal which you share with close people. It is Joie de Vivre!


At our workshops, we will talk about the importance of etiquette in building relationships with members of the family, with loved ones, at school and at work. You will learn the difference between a meal and a true Dinner. We will share the rules everyone should apply to feel free in any company to get the most out of the process. You will practice how to eat tricky food. You will learn why knowledge of table manners give you freedom and not impose limits.


We will speak about the rules of etiquette in various situations and practice - we will enjoy Life together!


Etiquette for Family course duration - 7,5 hours (3 workshops)

Sunday Brunch Format

Time: 11.30 - 14.00

Venue: Aleo restaurant, 37 rue de Beggen 

Your investment: per adult - 349 Euro; per child – 249 euro including meals. (+VAT)

To register, please, send us or contact us using a button bellow.  

Upon completion of the course each family will receive a Certificate of Completion.



We look forward to meeting you!

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