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Brilliant "business brains" are a great asset for your company. However, in a diverse international marketplace, knowing how to behave in the professional world has always been important. Corporate culture speaks much of Employer Brand refinement. 
Business Etiquette is the tool for building emotionally intelligent corporate culture & effective communications in the team. It deals with confidence and respect. It offers the rules of the game to back your employees up in a smart way to be invaluable team player. Cultural awareness allows them to avoid errors in communication.
Our methodology is to offer information through active intelligent learning. We have developed programmes to equip you with practical tools to ensure you get the extra polish to be confident in any business situation. 
Duration - 8 hours
Location - Client's office 
Max number per group - 12 
The two-day complete course is aimed to develop communication competences and promote unique corporate culture in the team. The programme is flexible and can be modified to meet your individual requirements. 
Duration - 4 hours 
Location - Client's office 
Max number per group - 12
The training is designed to introduce cultural specifics and offer a full range of communication tips. The goal is to develop cultural awareness in an international company environment.  
Duration - 2,5 hours 
Location - restaurant in the city  
Max number per group - 16
The event is created in a team building format. The goal is to get people acquainted with local food & wine and to develop self presentation competences, i.e. communication skills (Small Talk) & table manners for business purposes. 
Duration - to be agreed with the Client 
Location - Client's office  
Max number per group - 12
"A la Carte" programme will be developed to meet individual requirements of your Company.  It's a unique opportunity for an Employer to design a course which will suit its population the best way possible. 
BODY LANGUAGE: Tactics or Improvisation
Duration - to be agreed with the Client 
Location - Client's office  
Max number per group - 10
The workshop is designed to introduce you to most essential Body Language tips you apply every day in social and professional situations. It will help you read the signal sent by people as well as improve your Body communication skill
Duration - to be agreed with the Client 
Location - Client's office  
Maximum number of participants - 12
Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a training program that gives your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers.

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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