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Angelica DOMAS
LSCE Founder
Business Etiquette Tutor 
LSCE Tutor in Image & Style
Owner at Look@Work
LSCE Tutor in Intercultural Communications

Our greetings to everyone!

We start writing the first page of our story and hope it would be of interest and use for you. We will speak a lot about self confidence and respect to each other, about reputation and the importance of good manners be in professional or personal life. 

We will learn together how to be a person of pleasure and a successful networker. We will accompany you in the world of social graces and effective business communications. 

The Quality and Positive Reputation are the cornerstones of Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette. Our tutors are truly best-in-class in their fields. They all demonstrate deep knowledge and enthusiasm in their subjects. They provide trainings to a wide range of audiences, from private clients to large corporations. Each of them possesses unique expertise in specific areas of ETIQUETTE. Together we will create great training products to make positive difference to your life. 



We promise to make your journey amazing!

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Come & join us - invest in yourself!
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LSCE Tutor in Communication skills
VLV Trainer & Coach 
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