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We start writing the first page of our story and hope it would be of interest and use for you. We will speak a lot about self confidence and respect to each other, about positive reputation and the importance of good manners in our everyday modern life. We will learn together how to build long lasting relationships and be a successful networker. We will accompany you in the world of social courtesy and effective business communications. 

We have developed programmes for various groups & ages and hope you will find something useful for you. We do believe our project will make a positive difference to your life. Together we will take the road of transformation leading to your success. Good manners will become your immutable asset.

Our methodology is to offer information through active intelligent learning. We have developed courses to equip you with practical tools and ensure you get the extra polish to be confident in any social or business situation. 
Duration - 6 hours (three workshops)
Time - 18.30 - 20.30
Location -  Foundry Luxembourg
Max number per group - 12 
The programme is designed to introduce you to the main social & business etiquette rules with a touch of your Personal Brand development. This course is a great chance to refine yourself in a smart way.
Duration - 8 hours (four workshops)
Time - on work days from 18.30 - 20.30 
Location - TBD
Max number per group - 12 
The course is created for those searching for femininity in the modern world of equality. It's about the role of good manners for building relationships with the right people in your life . 
ETIQUETTE FOR FAMILIES - Sunday Brunch format 
Duration - 2,5 hours 
Time - on Sundays, 11.30 - 14.00
Location - a restaurant in the City   
Max number per group - 16 
The workshop is aimed to promote family values and share skills necessary for children as well as for parents in a nice & relaxing atmosphere of a Sunday Brunch. You will definitely love it!
Festive Dinner Table
Duration - 3 hours 
When - on Saturdays from 3 till 6 pm 
Location - VDL   
Max number per group - 12  
​We believe entertainment to be the Art of Socializing. The programme is designed for those interested in social etiquette rules. 
Duration - upon request 
Location - TBD   
We offer a unique coaching programme developed with consideration of your personal goals & objectives. It's a great brain workout in a smart intelligent way. As a result, you will gain confidence by knowing HOW, WHAT & WHEN. 
BODY LANGUAGE: Tactics or Improvisation? 
Duration - 2 hours 
Location - VDL
Time: 19.00 - 21.00  
The workshop is designed to introduce you to most essential Body Language tips you apply every day in social and professional situations. It will help you read the signal sent by people as well as improve your Body communication skills 
LADY ME: Image & Style 
Duration - 2 hours 
Location - VDL
Time: 19.00 - 21.00  
We are glad to invite you, charming Ladies, to our new workshop in Image & Style designed specifically for those of you who care of the importance of individuality and personality in the world of mass market. 

Ready for personal transformation - invest in yourself!

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