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Trainers of the course: 

       Angelica Domas                                      Virginie Lemay-Vriesde
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Training for corporate clients

Duration – 4 hours or 1 day

Location – Client’s office


Customer excellence is about being excellent in the eyes of your customer. Customer excellence drives profitable growth. By putting your customer at the centre of everything the company does, you'll ensure that you're delivering the product or service that they need.

Service excellence can be defined as the level at which service exceeds the needs and expectations of the customer.

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a training program that gives your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers. Equipped with CSE strategies, your customer service professionals will build strong customer relationships and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service excellence in every customer contact.


The Customer service skills that matter:


  • Empathy. Understanding the customer and the problem is key for anyone in a customer facing role

  • Clear communication skills

  • Patience

  • Product knowledge

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Positive attitude

  • Positive language

  • Listening skills

  • Time management skills


Customer service isn’t just about being nice and polite or giving a customer the biggest mortgage. Instead it involves a range of factors, including:


  1. Identifying customers’ limitations

  2. Seeing things from a customer’s point of view

  3. Providing sufficient information to a customer

  4. Helping customers to make an informed decision

  5. Having a genuine desire to do the right thing for customers

  6. Tailoring your approach to customers’ individual needs and circumstances

  7. Liaising with the right people within the business to ensure customers are given full and accurate information


From a practical perspective, customer service is the activity of satisfying customer needs. From an emotional one it’s much more than that – customer service is caring for customers and treating them with respect. The goal of every company should be to exceed customer expectations when providing customer service.


In the context of private banking, it might be  assumed that service excellence describes a situation whereby wealth managers are required to fully understand the client’s investment needs and expectations and provide superior advice while implementing the steps required to ensure quality standards are met.

However there is another way to think of service excellence, in which the focus is directed not on clients but on a bank’s own employees — that is, service excellence applied to the internal client - service-oriented units. This should be one of top priorities for a company management.

For financial services firms, service, as the name suggests, is key. It is important to foster a strong bank internal service culture along the entire value chain. It is important to see this culture as starting within the organisation, not something that matters only for external clients. A company must live its service culture, starting with senior management.


We invite you to participate in our trainings. The programme content & duration could be adjusted to meet your needs.


We will be happy to meet you and share our best in class expertise with you!

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