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Team building event  
Trainers of the course: 

         Angelica Domas                              Florence Lemeer-Wintgens
Angela 1.jpg
Duration - 2,5 hours 
Location - restaurant in the city  
Max number per group - 16 
The programme is created in a team building format. The goal is to get people acquainted with local food & wine and to develop their self presentation competences, i.e. communication & networking skills and table manners. We are flexible and ready design a tailor made programme for you to meet your individual requirements. 

This course will be very much appreciated by your employees and add value to your Employer Brand image. Apart from enjoying the evening and learning fascinating facts on the local wines & traditional cuisine,  participants will get to know how to make a business meeting at lunch or dinner their asset for building positive relationships with clients and partners. It will be useful for all in your company:


  • For managers and team leaders, it will help develop corporate culture in the team. Happy employees will feel engaged and productivity will increase accordingly

  • For those dealing with clients and partner, it will polish their presentation skills and allow not to get into an awkward situation during an informal meeting

  • For employees, it will make people feel happy and more confident knowing how, when and what to say and do during Business lunch/dinner. 


As an outcome, participants will be equipped with main tips necessary for an informal business communication. The content is built to include a bit of theory and a lot of practice allowing for application and training of most essential skills.



Sample Programme details: 

Three course dinner - 19.00 - 21.30


19.00 – 19.10  - Introduction of the course

19.10 – 19.15  - Seating arrangements

19.15 – 19.30  - Business lunch/dinner organization

  • Invitation 

  • Ordering 

  • Communications with a waiter

  • Payment of the bill and tip

19.30 – 19.45   - Building relationships:

  • Small Talk

  • Gestalt Principles for communication

  • Networking tips

19.45 - 20.05  - Table Manners 

  • Place setting

  • Napkin 

  • Use of utensils 

  • How to produce the right impression - eating tips

20.05 – 20.20  - Enogastronomy - combination of local food & wines 

20.20 - 21.30   - Bon appetit! Practical part

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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