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Angelica has a profound academic background. She has two master degrees - in Linguistics and Business Law. She is certified NLP & Life Coach. Starting her career as a university lecturer, she continued in administration of international academic projects in Russia and Ukraine. During quite a period of time Angelica worked for international projects in Ukraine as a team member of Washington Group (USA), EDF and Vinci (France), Allianz (Germany) fostering her intercultural communication skills. Her latest professional experience in corporate business was in HR – she headed HR Dept of Allianz Ukraine bringing years of experience to building diverse corporate culture in the company.

Having entrepreneurial potential, in 2015 Angelica left her successful corporate career to start training in Business Etiquette and Personal Branding. A foreseen step was to introduce her own project – Kyiv School of Etiquette. She created a pool of best-in-class trainers in various areas of Etiquette and developed about ten programs for people from multiple social and professional groups. Within three years the School gained positive reputation and became one of the best in the Ukrainian market. She worked with a wide range of clients including families, graduates, teenagers and top managers of big companies. High quality and professionalism has been always the core values distinguishing her from others in the market.

Luxembourg School of Contemporary Etiquette is the next logical step Angelica has decided to make while living in Luxembourg since 2017. The initiative has been well supported by people from the local community and it is inspiring for her. Angelica is committed to make the LSCE Number One Educational center for Etiquette, Protocol & Communication studies offering top standard services and client oriented approach in Luxembourg and the Region. Her dream is to show that ETIQUETTE is not something from the ancient epoch – it is a Contemporary Art and a reliable tool for communication based on principles of respect.

Angelica believes that Elegance of communication built upon ETIQUETTE Rules is the essence of success in any relationships – be professional or personal. 

Come & join us - invest in yourself!
Angelica DOMAS
lSCE Tutor in Business Etiquette
Watch the live interview with Angelica here
The philosophy of Angelica Domas, the LSCE founder, aiming at offering information through active intelligent learning, contributed to the development of unique training methodology for presenting courses to the audience: We cannot force people to comprehend the message if they are not ready to receive it. However, we should not underestimate the power of planting seeds.
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