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The training is designed for Multicultural Companies
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Trainers of the course: 

Angelica Domas                                     Samah Naggar
The training is designed to introduce cultural specifics and offer a full range of communication tips to train cultural awareness competence that is required both for social contexts and professional settings. The goal is to promote a set of skills that are needed for creating a culturally competent workforce.
People come with their cultural baggage, conditioning and stereotypes. De-learning some of the behaviors and imbibing others increases culturally sensitivity and maintains effective and meaning communication within the work environment.
Social interaction between colleagues is crucial for effective teamwork in both formal and informal situations. Cultural differences may lead to misunderstandings if people do not use appropriate language patterns for apologizing or explaining a situation. Inadvertently sounding rude or abrupt may cause preventable problems within the team. 
Diversity within the workplace is a great facilitator to open to new products and services. A diverse, culturally competent work environment is a major attraction for international clientele-base. As your personnel slide into a homogenous work environment, a pool of talent and creativity unlocks. Once cultural, ethnic and linguistic barriers are overcome, there is scope for improved productivity.

Programme outline:

(detailed programme to be designed per client’s requirements)


1.     Cultural Awareness

2.     Intercultural Communication competence at workplace

3.     Diversity & Inclusion

4.     Steps from Rejection to Integration

5.     Tips for traveling abroad

6.     Cultural specifics in social situations 

7.     Case study



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