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Virginie is popular for her podcasts, online video conference activities and articles in social media. She is the author of "My revenge on life" book, which is about how to become a leader of your own life and flourish in the midst of seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Virginie has a list of clients with very positive feedback internationally. She knows how to turn managers into confident leaders by shifting their mindset and improving their communication skills.

Virginie’s profound background allows for sharing unique expertise in Intercultural Awareness & Communication skills across the Globe. She is very passionate of what she is doing. The new training technique Virginie has invented is a combination of training and dancing. She believes the later helps Succeed in the Adventures of Leadership and Self Assurance (SALSA)

Virginie is a seasoned International Leadership & Communications Trainer & Coach. French by origin, she has an expatriate experience for more than 25 years, living in 6 countries. For about 20 years she was a leader of international teams, working in senior management positions at multinational companies, such as Amazon. Virginie speaks fluently 5 languages: French, English, German, Dutch and Italian.

The LSCE Tutor in Communication skills
VLV Trainer & Coach 
Come & join us - invest in yourself!
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