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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

NETIQUETTE is a set of rules to apply when communicating in the Internet. Be aware of social engineering technique - a tool to influence over others. It can be used for a good reason in leadership, sales, storytelling. There is an evil side of it, too. Learn to be on your guard online.

Our greetings to everyone!

One could hardly disagree that Etiquette is a set of rules invented by our ancestors to make life more comfortable. Being on your own may not require any courtesy from you. It must be applied when you are no longer alone in the room. If you follow Etiquette norms you immediately activate your proper communication skills and get advantage of mutually respectful behavior.

Modern world offers new methods of communication – “on” and “off” line. Are there any rules we should know before entering there? The answer is: obviously, yes.

NETIQUETTE is a set of rules for us to apply when communicating in the internet. Using social media, please remember that whatever you put online will still be available years after.

Avoid saying things in a digital format that you may regret or can’t stand the world knowing. Be self-restraint. Express your emotional states carefully - do the “fast” things offline and only the “slow” things online. Only upload images that you are not embarrassed to see for anyone, including your future employee.

Beware of downloading copyrighted materials via a social media. It is illegal. There are a lot of resources offering free staff – just search better.

Think twice before you post negative comments about someone. Your post is now a written document that anyone can see in public. If you write something untrue about another person, they could take legal action.

Be aware of social engineering technique. We have had social engineering for as long as we have had humans. Although it can be used for a good purpose in everyday life – in leadership, sales, storytelling – there is an evil side of it, too. It is just the context and the tools that differ. Social engineering can be used negatively by bad people who want to influence over others to get their goals by means of:

  • using the same jargon or dress like you in the office in order to gain entry in without anyone objecting

  • acting as, i.e. a serviceman or police officer to eliminate any resistance or scrutiny from those who should be guarding the place

  • appealing for sympathy in order to get access to a password or other useful item

  • making you feel nervous due to a critical situation and as if a very rapid action is needed

  • offending or challenging you in order to make you lose balance so that you forget to check something or to say no.

Now with everything going digital, so is social engineering.

Internet is essential part of our modern life. We share ideas, advertise our services, get information, communicate using social media. Learn to be on your guard online.

In Business Etiquette programme we speak about Etiquette online and tip how to avoid unexpected outcomes. Come and join us – invest in yourself.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Come and join us - Invest in yourself!


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