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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Etiquette prompts to consider every tiny detail in your image and behavior. Its rules and conventions always have logical basis behind. GESTALT PRINCIPLE explains how our perceptions impact the conclusions we make and why it is important.

Our greetings to everyone!

The importance of first impression is beyond question to most people nowadays. The common sense tells us to think of how to look and what to say when preparing for a meeting. Etiquette prompts to consider every tiny detail, too. However, we are sure that any Etiquette rules and conventions have logical basis behind. So why is it so important to wear a suit if you are having a meeting with your bank agent to ask for a loan or go informal dealing with IT clients? Here is the answer: GESTALT PRINCIPLE.

The Gestalt laws are a set of principles which help us better understand how we see and perceive things. The conclusions we make of what we see or hear are just simply our perceptions, our interpretation of processes around us.

No event stands alone in isolation. We try to understand things by relating new information or experience to those we have already experienced. We check if there is some proximity to something we have already accepted as true. We judge if our past experience is similar to what we face now. This is pretty much the basis for the development of trust in our relationships.

Our minds often ignore contradictory information and fill in any gaps we perceive is missing in order to create a meaningful image. As soon as you have found many reasons to think we are similar, you build continuous relationships. That is why it is really important to consider how people will accept you – whether their picture of the world coincides with what they see or hear.

We at the LSCE pay special attention to training communication skills. First of all, Etiquette is about building relationships. Remember that you are the message. Learn to produce the right first impression to meet (or break) people’s expectations every day.

We have developed our programmes so that as an outcome you have become a confident communicator. After our workshops you will be absolutely aware of how the Gestalt laws of perception organization impact the decisions people make and the conclusions they arrive at about you.

Come and join us - Invest in yourself!


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