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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Etiquette is based on the rules of respect. It's a combination of traditions and a contemporary view on relationships and courtesy. Times change, however, the core values such as respect and tolerance remain important today.

Our greetings to everyone!

When you hear the word "Etiquette", what comes to your mind first? Have you heard the story of this word - when it was first used in the meaning of “Rules of conduct” or “Good Manners’? Well, there is a cute story behind. Here what Richard Duffy tell us about it:

“To the French we owe the word "etiquette", and it is amusing to discover its origin in the commonplace familiar warning – “Keep off the grass”. It happened in the reign of Louis XIV, when the gardens of Versailles were being laid out, that the master gardener, an old Scotsman, was sorely tried because his newly seeded lawns were being continually trampled upon. To keep trespassers off, he put up warning signs or tickets – ETIQUETTES – on which was indicated the path along which to pass. But the courtiers paid no attention to these directions and so the determined Scot complained to the King in such convincing manner that His Majesty issued an edict commanding everyone at Court to “KEEP WITHIN THE ETIQUETTE”. Gradually the term came to all the rules for correct demeanour and deportment in court circles; and thus through the centuries it has grown into use to describe the conventions sanctioned for the purpose of smoothing personal contacts and developing tact and good manners in social intercourse”.

The LSCE experts are busy designing programs for trainings & workshops on Etiquette for you combining the stories of the past with contemporary view on relationships and courtesy. Times changed, however, the core values such as respect and tolerance remain important today, are they not?

Look forward to seeing you at our events – we have a lot to share with you!

Come and join us - Invest in yourself!


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