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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Etiquette makes you more appealing to your customers – it ADDS VALUE to you on the market of professionals. It also adds to your Self-concept – it helps you develop your own unique properties and build your PERSONAL BRAND.

Our greetings to everyone!

Being praised as a true professional in what you do is great, isn’t it? It adds to your self-esteem and self-confidence. What would be the ADDED VALUE of your knowledge, which is complementary like, for instance, Etiquette skills?

We have an answer for you: it adds to your self-concept – it helps you develop your own unique properties and build your PERSONAL BRAND.

In everyday life, people very quickly and easily put us into boxes and stereotype because of our actions and behaviors. They judge and make assumptions about us based on what they hear and see. People interpret our behaviors and produce responses towards us.

PERSONAL BRAND protects you from being put into a wrong box – it forms the right lasting impressions of you from the first moment.

Our life is a combination of course-effect chain links. Any knowledge is built and developed upon knowledge. Professionalism comes at the cost of personalized experience. We face transition when make a decision to come out of our comfort zone. Building your PERSONAL BRAND is a process and it requires a bit of a habit of getting even better than the best of us. The outcome depends on how much responsibility we have taken of ourselves, doing our best.

  • Define areas where you are stronger than others or unique. Be seen and known as the leader in your field. Gain professional stature

  • Identify what you need to strengthen you positive reputation. Get people to have confidence in you

  • Do not concentrate on weaknesses – break your limiting beliefs

  • Build your professional image. Find your way to be recognized in the crowd

  • Learn how to look, speak and behave in accordance with your PERSONAL BRAND

One of your PERSONAL BRAND features would obviously be QUALITY. The quality of your personal and professional life, the quality of your emotions and relationships. Be empowered, confident, true and sincere. Life is filled with opportunities. Learn to see and appreciate all of the good things in your life. Demonstrate the attitude of gratitude towards others. You could even appear more attractive in your body language when you exhibit a positive attitude. Be sharing and proactive. Offer your support to others wherever you could – you will get double in return.

Showcase a positive example at work and home. Wake up with a purpose. Stay inspired and motivated. Focus on your desired outcome and not excuses. Happiness is a byproduct of achieving. Your life is what you create.

We at LSCE have developed a unique programme offering great and handy tips for you to build your PERSONAL BRAND. Let’s go Contemporary. Come and join us – invest in yourself!

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Come and join us - Invest in yourself!


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